Frequently Asked Questions

When is a good time to start Judo?

The best time to start Judo is when you're a young child. The second best time is RIGHT NOW!

The fact that you may be out of shape is one more reason for doing Judo, not against it. As with any other martial art, Judo is not just for people who are strong and in good shape, it's for people who want to become stronger and in better shape.

When you consider the 5 maxims of Judo: CHARACTER, SINCERITY, EFFORT, ETTIQUETTE AND SELF CONTROL you will come to fully understand the respect which is expected of a Kano family member:

When do I qualify to join the Senior class?

When your Sensei feels you are ready to handle the rigour that these classes entail. Each person is different and qualify by their commitment and standards

What payment methods are available for payment of monthly class fees?

EFT or Cash