Club Fees

FEES 2021

     Single membership - R 550.00 per month

          First member - R 550.00 per month
          Additional members - R 450.00 per month

     Social membership - R 350.00 per month
          Non Competitive
          Non Grading
          1 x Class per week maximum

     Try-Outs - R 350.00 per month
          First 2 Classes is FREE

     Grading fees (Yellow to Brown Belts) - R 200.00 per person

     Private coaching
          Yellow to Brown Belt - R 300.00 per hour
          Competition Preparation - R 300.00 to R 450.00 per hour depending on Level
          Black Belt - R 450.00 per hour
                    Own Uke required for Black Belt Grading Preparation

     Payment Terms
          Payable monthly
          Enrolment fees (for new Judoka): R 250.00 payable on enrolment with first month's fees
          Fees payable strictly monthly in advance on/before the 1st of each month via EFT.
          Payments for the entire year - including December and January.
          No credits given for School or Public holidays, when the Dojo will be closed (unless otherwise informed by the Club)

     Cancellation Terms
          One month's notice in writing to be sent to either or

Download our Enrolment Form HERE