Kano Institute of Judo is based in Johannesburg, and is one of the strongest and most established Judo Clubs in South Africa. Kano has a combined judo experience of its instructors of 140 years and coaching experience of 96 years.

The whole springbok team in the past, men and ladies, came out of Kano. Kano dojo has consistently been one of the top dojo`s in the country.

In recent history our club has had the highest ranked international players in the country. We have players that are fighting for other countries that should be fighting for JSA but due to the financial constraints that are placed on them by having a government that does not assist our international players, they have to fight for other countries. At the moment we have players in England, Germany, Holland, Poland, New Zealand, and Australia.

    * Central Gauteng Judo Association
    * Judo South Africa
    * African Judo Union
    * International Judo Federation